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Partner at the Austrian eCall Pilot Project

With assistance of the Federal Ministry of Transport, Innovation and Technology the pilot project could be realised in summer 2006. The project was supported by the Austrian Traffic Safety Association and aided with nearly 50.000 Euro. The balance of the 120.000 Euro total charges were financed by the project partners Dolphin Technologies, ÖAMTC and mobilkom austria.

Dolphin Technologies


As austrians leading company in the fields of Security, Safety and Solutions for vehicles, Dolphin Technologies creates daily surplus values for customers and partners. Also commercial managed businesses bear responsibility not only to achieve economical success with their products and services, but also to use them on a responsible-minded and looking ahead way for the public. This was the mainspring for Dolphin Technologies to invest strength and heart into the testbedding of eCall. With this project we want to help in a domain, where our core competence and our know-how works effectively – on the roads of Austria.


Harald Trautsch, MSc (Managing Director)



Highest possible road traffic security is one of the central requests of the ÖAMTC. The european-wide emergency call system eCall will abbreviate the response time after an accident averaged to a half, by the immediate localisation of the emergency. According to estimates, this can save up to 2.500 human lifes every year and in addition to that the servere of injuries can be reduced by 15 percent. Based on this aspects the ÖAMTC willingly provides  technical know-how and the experience as emergency assistance agency for the eCall-system test.

Hans Peter Halouska (Secretary-General)

mobilkom austria


Dedication in the sector of road traffic security has a high importance for mobilkom austria. As market and innovation leader in Austria we would like to perform our role as a pattern of society. In addition to social aspects, also the issue “Future of the society” is in the focus of these acitivities. With the project eCall, mobilkom austria supports the purpose of the Ministry of Transport and the European Union, to save lifes in road traffic with technology and innovation.


Dr. Hannes Ametsreiter (Director of Marketing, Distribution and Customer Services)