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eCall – Automatic Emergency Call after a Road Accident

All over Europe more than 40.000 people were killed in road accidents every year. Up to 2.500 of them could be saved, if help would be called in time. For Austria this would mean 50 saved humans per year. With an electronic device in the vehicle, which transmitts an automatic message - so-called - eCall – to an operation centre, this aim should be achieved within the next few years.

E-Call Ablauf

  1. In case of an accident a Crash-Sensor transmitts an automatic emergency call. This emergency call also includes the exact GPS- position data of the vehicle.
  2. A professional operation centre (for example ÖAMTC) receives the message and clarifies the circumstances.
  3. As the rescuers know the place of the accident and also have the personal data of the accident victim, they are able to operate properly.

The Pilot Project 2006

The Federal Ministry of Transport, Innovation and Technology together with Dolphin Technologies, ÖAMTC and mobilkom austria conducted a pilot test with 100 voluntary test drivers (the test drivers were elected out of 1.000 applicants by principle of contingency) from July until the end of September 2006. On the one hand this number shows the interest to increase road traffic security. And on the other hand the willingness of the Austrians to assist and to take active part in this task. Please click here to view the results of the eCall pilot project.